The STREAKK Wallet briefly explained, after all,
it depends on the first impression!

Unlocking the potential of your Crypto

Get 320% Streakk Chain (STKC)!

And as we have experienced after long research and already for over 13 months, STREAKK offers exactly that.

STREAKK is far more than simply the next crypto project that is just about a token and the price. It is about a community blockchain ecosystem to create the future of finance by maximizing the potential of cryptocurrencies.

It's about a very powerful decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), community-governed, community-driven.

STREALL in a nutshell

If the topic appeals to you, welcome to Team STAKE GEMS, an international group of crypto enthusiasts who have gained a lot of experience since 2016 and have already found dozens of jewels in the crypto universe.

We would like to take you on a journey into the most fascinating world and development since the internet. Web3 is only the beginning. You are in good hands with the STAKE GEMS team. Team support is very important to us, read on to find out more.

2% per week and 10% on ETH, even up to 18% if you want, but does the STREAKK ecosystem have its own token?

There's a lot to explore here, spoiler: STREAKK solves 4 problems that definitely every crypto user has, that's a fact! And yet, in the STREAKK world, there is also a token, the STKK, which has had an incredible performance since it started trading.

STKK Tokenomics

STKK Tokenomics

  • Team tokens are locked for 3 years and will be realised starting Q3 2025
  • Block Rewards are kept aside to reward the token holders
  • Private sale - May 2022
  • Public sale - June 2022
  • Tokens stored in the foundation treasury fund is supposed to be served as a "last-resort" in the case that the network requires funds to solve a particular problem that another source of funding (e.g Block Rewards) is not on the table

STREAKK solves 4 problems EVERY crypto user has!


No. 1

Everyone wants to earn decentralized Cryptos!


No. 2

Everyone wants to earn cryptos passively!


No. 3

Everyone wants to earn cryptos without letting them out of their hands and be in control at all times!


No. 4

Everyone wants to earn a passive income with cryptos, even when the market is highly volatile!

The solution: STREAKK Integrated Node Cluster

STREAKK Integrated Node Cluster
  • Integration of reputed and trusted validators in a single wallet
  • Auto delegation of Crypto to the validator providing the best rewards
  • 20+ Blockchains

Simply hold crypto in the Streakk wallet and thanks to STREAKK's AI-powered algorithm, it will automatically delegate to the validator with the best staking rewards. If your cryptos are delegated to a validator with decreasing rewards or if another validator offers higher rewards, they are automatically delegated to the more lucrative validator.

Read now how the Integrated Node Cluster works

Decentralized, peer-to-peer blockchain networks are composed of computers known as Nodes. With no central authority in charge of the blockchain, it's the Nodes that are responsible for storing the data held within the blockchain, i.e., a history of every transaction that occurs on the blockchain and the account balance of each wallet holder. It’s also each Node’s responsibility to update its version of the blockchain whenever new data is added, i.e., when new transactions are made - but this data needs to be validated first.

Again, with no central authority, the blockchain network relies on a large subsection of special Nodes to verify transactions. On Proof of Stake (POS) blockchain networks, such as Polkadot, Solana, Avalanche, and Cardano, these Nodes are known as Validators. When a Validator verifies a group of transactions within a block and adds it to the end of the blockchain, they are rewarded with new crypto, in a process known as minting.

However, to ensure that Validators act ethically and don’t authorise fraudulent transactions, they are required to lock up a certain amount of cryptocurrency with the blockchain network. This process is called Staking and entitles a Validator with the chance to validate new transactions and earn newly created crypto through the minting process. If a Validator does go on to authorise an invalid transaction, they run the risk of forfeiting some or all of the crypto they staked, which is known as slashing. 

Watch the Integrated Node Cluster video

Incredibly attractive non-custody-staking rewards are waiting for you and thanks to the STREAKK Wallet you hold the private key, you have full control and there are no lockup periods. How this is possible you can read in detail in the whitepaper in the chapters "Integrated Node Cluster (INC)" and "Smart Liquidity Solution (SLS).  whitepaper.

Competitive Landscape

Streakk’s INC technology puts the world’s most advanced node infrastructure in the hands of its members. As a result, it offers them the perfect solution for maximizing the return on their cryptocurrency investments – all while retaining 100% control of them.

Comparison of Streakk’s Node infrastructure with Trust Wallet’s Node infrastructure.

Comparison of Streakk’s Node infrastructure with Trust Wallet’s Node infrastructure.

Security on par with the Binance Smart Chain:
Audited and verified by CertiK!


The STREAKK project has been audited and verified by CertiK and is on par with the Binance Smart chain (BSC) in terms of the SecurityScore and TrustScore.

Furthermore, STREAKK is listed in the top 10% of all CertiK audited projects by these scores.

STREAKK has disclosed all source codes and had them reviewed by CertiK security team.

There were 6 findings, which were 100% resolved before the release.

For comparison, the average of all projects on CertiK is 16 findings by CertiK security team per project.

CertiK is the #1 security company in the crypto-industry to make the Web3 world more secure. Review for yourself:

The 3rd Generation Blockchain / The STREAKK Chain

STREAKK Blockchain

Game changer in the financial ecosystem.

STREAKK Blockchain

These STREAKK use cases are just the beginning.

Read now what makes the STREAKK Chain so special

Streakk works on a proprietary consensus algorithm which utilises a combination of Proof of Stake (POS) and Simple Time Protocol (STP). As detailed above, POS requires Validators to stake a certain amount of a particular network’s cryptocurrency to receive the right to validate transactions on the network. In return, they earn rewards, in the form of newly minted cryptocurrency, for their efforts.

STP works on a verifiable clock. It incorporates a clock into the blockchain which verifies time taken between two events. It reduces the load on the validators connected to the network. As a result validators in the network know the timestamp of the events and they need not check with all available validators back and forth to record a transaction. It enables fast sequencing of blocks.

POS + STP = Extremely Fast Blockchain Transactions

Streakk is building a 3rd generation blockchain network with a low and predictable fee of only $0.0001 per transaction. With transaction cost being one of the major hindrances for governments, big corporations and central banks looking to implement blockchain on a large scale, Streakk offers a super fast and secure solution. This not makes Streakk the fastest blockchain, but the only Blockchain focused on financial transactions.

Read more in the  whitepaper.

Participate in the STREAKK community benefits in just 6 steps:

 Register now for STREAKK & EARN.WORLDand to get up to 320% STKC and activate your License to generate up to +60% more profit on your profits generated through your trading portfolio and enjoy your first rewards as early as tomorrow.

 Watch the video: How to activate my account.
The Activation is possible with USDT-BEP20 and USDT-TRC20.

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 Install the STREAKK Wallet

 Watch a live webinar, or at least watch a webinar recording

 Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, be aware of the risks that exist in the crypto world as well, and only put in funds that you are willing to lose and not live off of. Do not proceed unless you understand this.


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